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Dispossessory Services ~ We “file” for you

When we receive your order by 11 a.m., we can usually handle your dispossessory filing on the same business day. Our pricing table is based on the county where your property is located and how many tenants are on the lease. What’s more, our pricing schedule rewards prompt payment – so the quicker you pay, the lower your fees!

Our state-of-the-art PDQ Fax system tracks every transaction in the eviction process on a daily basis. We’re the only service that provides daily notifications, flagging each new transaction for your convenience, such as:
  • Confirmation that the eviction was filed
  • Notice that an amendment was filed
  • Cancellation of the order when the tenant paid before filing
  • Notice that the eviction was served and method of service
  • Last date the tenant can file an answer
  • Notice of hearing with court date and time
  • Writ of possession requested
  • Dismissals when the tenant skips or has paid the rent
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