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Date: 12/01/16
Holiday Eviction Shutdown Schedule
As 2016 draws to a close, these are the last dates that your Marshal, Sheriff, or Constable will be working to complete evictions. Please feel free to call PDQ with any questions about our availability:

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Date: 09/01/16
Fulton County has increased the cost of filing a new dispossessory by $3.00. The price increase was effective the first of September. We have had to pass this fee on to our clients, we apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your loyalty.

Date: 04/04/16
Fulton County Magistrate Court has recently moved to a mandatory e-filing system as of April 4, 2016. This forces PDQ Services to change the way it processes cases on behalf of our clients. From now on, we will be filing all dispossessory warrants through Connect2Court which will be adding a $10.00 fee to all non-expedited filings. All Expedited filings will still have the $30.00 fee.

Additionally, all other documents including writs, dismissals, service sheets and amendments (for ALL filings) will be processed through eFileGA.com. Entering documents through this mandatory service will incur a charge of $7.00 (plus credit card processing fee of 3.25% making a total of $10.25) in addition to existing charges. This is a new fee, as those documents were received by the court at no cost previously.

We understand that this will create some new expenses, and it will make others more expensive. We are hopeful however that it will help the court to better serve its users and that the process will become faster.

We will continue to monitor the progress and keep you informed.

Thank you for choosing PDQ Services!

Date: 03/26/15
PDQ Services' 20th Anniversary
PDQ was started in a spare bedroom by Phil Bennett in May of 1995. We have grown into the company we are today thanks to the support of our clients and the employees who are more like family. Thank you for your continued support!



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